[LLVMdev] Genlibdeps.pl, CMake and MSYS

Óscar Fuentes ofv at wanadoo.es
Sun Oct 12 08:17:48 PDT 2008

Hello Anton.

"Anton Korobeynikov" <asl at math.spbu.ru> writes:

>> On this specific case, IIRC, MinGW chokes if asmprinter is not on the
>> list of components. This may be another consequence of the malfunctoning
>> of llvm-config/GenLibDeps.pl on MinGW/MSYS.
> This works for me without any problems on mingw32. What are the
> problems you're seeing?

I guess you are building with configure && make. The problem is present
on the CMake build.

It's GenLibDeps.pl complaining about circular library
dependencies. Right now I don't remember which ones, both are


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