[LLVMdev] Genlibdeps.pl, CMake and MSYS

Óscar Fuentes ofv at wanadoo.es
Sun Oct 26 14:06:22 PDT 2008

Kenneth Boyd <zaimoni at zaimoni.com> writes:

>> I'm seeing a failure related to circular library references while
>> building LLVM with CMake and MSYS. This didn't happen on the
>> past. Building with the configure script works, so it seems something
>> related to CMake. Do you have any insight on this?
> It occurred to me fairly recently that the only modules listed as 
> depending on AsmPrinter in the LibDeps.txt on my end are the 
> __ASMPrinter *.o files.  I take it CMake is currently configured to scan 
> *.o files for dependencies to extrapolate, as well as *.a files?

CMake does not scan *.o nor *.a files for dependencies. That's
GenLibDeps.pl job. As the CMake build system invokes this utility the
same way the configure&make build system does, I'm suspecting it is
something to do with the options I pass to gcc. I need to match them
with those used by make, to produce the same object and library files,
and see if this solves the problem with circular dependencies.


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