[LLVMdev] Subversion head: build problem on cygwin?

Chris Lattner sabre at nondot.org
Wed Mar 12 22:23:06 PDT 2008

On Mar 11, 2008, at 8:10 PM, Sam Bishop wrote:

> Sam Bishop wrote:
>> What LLVM is trying to do here is determine its own path.  I don't  
>> know
>> if the approach being used will work on Cygwin.  (The code is very  
>> new,
>> and it's never worked on Cygwin.)  You could try reading the
>> /proc/$$/exe symlink.  I don't know how long Cygwin has been  
>> emulating
>> /proc, though.
> The dladdr() code won't work on Cygwin; the function isn't  
> available.  However, I've attached a (tested) patch which implements  
> the /proc/$$/exe approach.

Looks good to me, applied:

Please attach patches as attachments (and name the file ".patch" just  
in case).  Mail readers commonly munge them (e.g. by removing trailing  
whitespace) if not, which prevents the patch from applying.

Thanks Sam!


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