[LLVMdev] Subversion head: build problem on cygwin?

Sam Bishop sam at bishop.dhs.org
Tue Mar 11 20:10:39 PDT 2008

Sam Bishop wrote:
> What LLVM is trying to do here is determine its own path.  I don't know
> if the approach being used will work on Cygwin.  (The code is very new,
> and it's never worked on Cygwin.)  You could try reading the
> /proc/$$/exe symlink.  I don't know how long Cygwin has been emulating
> /proc, though.

The dladdr() code won't work on Cygwin; the function isn't available. 
  However, I've attached a (tested) patch which implements the 
/proc/$$/exe approach.

> Once you get past that, the other build errors you'll get will be due to
> code assuming that uint32_t is typedefed to int.  On 32-bit Cygwin, it's
> typedefed to long.  (They're the same size, but it still confuses the
> compiler.)  This is an on-going problem, and I only use Cygwin in a
> pinch, so I've just modified the 32-bit typedefs in my
> /usr/include/stdint.h file.  I've chosen to fight other battles.  :)

LLVM compiles fine with my stdint.h changes, for what that's worth.

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