[LLVMdev] PowerPC instruction cache invalidation

Nicolas Geoffray nicolas.geoffray at lip6.fr
Mon Jun 16 07:37:53 PDT 2008

Hi Gary,

Gary Benson wrote:
> Hi all,
> When you genetate code on PowerPC you need to explicitly invalidate
> the instruction cache to force the processor to reread it.  In LLVM
> there is code to do this for function stubs on Macintosh, but not
> for other platforms and not for JITted code generally.

Did you run into errors when not invalidating the cache? vmkit JITs and 
runs on powerpc/linux without invalidating it, so I'm curious about when 
the problem occurs.


> The attached patch adds support for GNU platforms, but I can't figure
> out a nice way to call it for all generated code.  Can anyone help?
> Cheers,
> Gary
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