[LLVMdev] News on vmkit

Eric Suen eric.suen.tech at gmail.com
Sun Apr 20 18:52:34 PDT 2008


  It is possible using Harmony - http://harmony.apache.org
instead of classpath? Harmony has Garbage Collector and class lib.

And is there any plan port it to win32?



"Nicolas Geoffray"
> Hi everyone,
> vmkit had two major improvements recently, so I guess I should let you
> know :).
> First, it does not require to patch llvm. So you can use your llvm TOT
> with it. There are some not-required arch-specific patches in case you
> encounter problems when executing large applications. These should be
> mainly for ppc external symbols and x86 SSE. Please post to llvm-dev
> your test-case if you found these patches were useful.
> Second, vmkit has now an interface with the boehm Garbage Collector.
> Just specify that you want to use it with the configure argument
> --with-gc=boehm. The GC is not included, so it has to be installed on
> your system.
> Have fun!
> Nicolas 

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