[LLVMdev] News on vmkit

Nicolas Geoffray nicolas.geoffray at lip6.fr
Mon Apr 21 05:47:20 PDT 2008

Hi Eric,

Eric Suen wrote:
> Hi,
>   It is possible using Harmony - http://harmony.apache.org
> instead of classpath? Harmony has Garbage Collector and class lib.

I haven't investigated a lot on Harmony. I just know that they have poor 
performance currently (probably their jit is still not in production, 
but could also be due to non-optimized gc and class lib). For the class 
lib, classpath has a nice VM interface. I don't know if Harmony has it 
too. And the pros of Boehm GC is that it is really to integrate it in 
existing projects (proof is I've done it in one day for vmkit). I'm not 
aware of an interface for the GC of Harmony.

> And is there any plan port it to win32?

Not at the moment, but patches welcome ;-)

> Regards

> Eric
> "Nicolas Geoffray"
>> Hi everyone,
>> vmkit had two major improvements recently, so I guess I should let you
>> know :).
>> First, it does not require to patch llvm. So you can use your llvm TOT
>> with it. There are some not-required arch-specific patches in case you
>> encounter problems when executing large applications. These should be
>> mainly for ppc external symbols and x86 SSE. Please post to llvm-dev
>> your test-case if you found these patches were useful.
>> Second, vmkit has now an interface with the boehm Garbage Collector.
>> Just specify that you want to use it with the configure argument
>> --with-gc=boehm. The GC is not included, so it has to be installed on
>> your system.
>> Have fun!
>> Nicolas 
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