[LLVMdev] LLVM on MinGW

Antony Blakey antony.blakey at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 03:54:24 PST 2007

I created a Windows VM (VMWare on OSX) with MSYS/MinGW just for LLVM.

I've just updated from svn and cleaned everything to do a configure/ 
make cycle. I had to remove the *.cpp files from lib/AsmParser/ and  
svn update again (this was mentioned in this mailing list) to fix a  
compile error - I had to do this on Ubuntu and OSX, so this isn't  
platform specific.

However, whereas my previous checkout compiled, this one fails where  
yours does. That's the cost of living on svn head I guess. I'm not  
prepared to update my OSX version because it's possibly/probably not  
platform specific.

On 29/11/2007, at 9:26 PM, Alain Frisch wrote:

> Antony Blakey wrote:
>> SVN head LLVM and Clang built out of the box for me a week ago on
>> MSYS/MINGW, using the following files:
> Ok, I tried to do the same. The compilations stops with the following
> error message (actually, I got to the same point in my attempt to  
> build
> LLVM with the MinGW compiler shipped with Cygwin):
> llvm[1]: Compiling MachineLoopInfo.cpp for Debug build
> MachineLoopInfo.cpp: In instantiation of
> `llvm::LoopBase<BlockT>::LoopBase(const llvm::LoopBase<BlockT>&) [with
> BlockT = llvm::MachineBasicBlock]':
> MachineLoopInfo.cpp:22:   instantiated from here
> MachineLoopInfo.cpp:22: error: explicit instantiation of
> `llvm::LoopBase<BlockT>::LoopBase(const llvm::LoopBase<BlockT>&) [with
> BlockT = llvm::MachineBasicBlock]' but no definition available
> MachineLoopInfo.cpp: In instantiation of `const  
> llvm::LoopBase<BlockT>&
> llvm::LoopBase<BlockT>::operator=(const llvm::LoopBase<BlockT>&) [with
> BlockT = llvm::MachineBasicBlock]':
> .....
> .....
> What's wrong? I know too little about C++ to understand the problem.
> Thanks!
> Alain
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