[LLVMdev] API changes (was Antw.: 2.0 Pre-release tarballs online)

Bram Adams bram.adams at ugent.be
Wed May 23 02:40:03 PDT 2007


Op 23-mei-07, om 07:47 heeft Reid Spencer het volgende geschreven:

>>> <premain>: CommandLine Error: Argument 'debug' defined more than  
>>> once!
>>> llvmc: CommandLine Error: Argument 'debug' defined more than once!
>> llvmc is a work in progress which has stagnated somewhat.  I strongly
>> recommend using llvm-gcc directly.

That's my intention as soon as LTO works in the linker :-). I tried  
to download Chandler's patches following the links on http:// 
t2935174.html, but his server is apparently down. Is there some mirror?

> About the only way I know of to get that error is if you linked  
> LLVM into a loadable module and loaded it with llvmc. Did you do that?

I did link a few files from the lib/Transforms/Utils-directory. When  
I remove them from my build my app still works (linking them with my  
build apparently is superfluous in 2.0), but the error still remains.  
However, I noticed the above messages also in the logs of the tests  
that succeeded, so this llvmc problem is apparently not the cause of  
the errors I experience.

This is the command I use:

llvmc --config-dir ${ASPICERE2_SRC}/config/ -Tlnk="-L${LLVM_FRONT}/ 
lib" -Tlnk="-L${ASPICERE2_INSTALL}/lib" -Tlnk="-L${SWI_LIB}" -Tlnk="- 
load=${ASPICERE2_INSTALL}/lib/weaver" -Tlnk="-load=$ 
{ASPICERE2_INSTALL}/lib/native" -Tlnk="-disable-opt" -Tlnk="- 
constmerge" -Tlnk="-globalsmodref-aa" -Tlnk="-reify" -Tlnk="-match" - 
Tlnk="-weave" -Tlnk="-globalsmodref-aa" -Tlnk="-internalize" -Tlnk="- 
ipsccp" -Tlnk="-globalopt" -Tlnk="-constmerge" -Tlnk="-deadargelim" - 
Tlnk="-instcombine" -Tlnk="-inline" -Tlnk="-prune-eh" -Tlnk="- 
globalopt" -Tlnk="-globaldce" -Tlnk="-argpromotion" -Tlnk="- 
instcombine" -Tlnk="-scalarrepl" -Tlnk="-globalsmodref-aa" -Tlnk="- 
licm" -Tlnk="-load-vn" -Tlnk="-gcse" -Tlnk="-dse" -Tlnk="- 
instcombine" -Tlnk="-simplifycfg" -Tlnk="-globaldce" $FILTERED_ARGS  

There are two dynamic modules of mine which are explicitly loaded  
(they no longer use LLVM modules). Afterwards, some optimisation  
passes are listed, some more than once. However, even if I remove the  
optimisations the messages still appear (without harming anyone).

Kind regards,

Bram Adams
GH-SEL, INTEC, Ghent University (Belgium)

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