[LLVMdev] 1 Week Before 2.0 Branch Creation

David Greene greened at obbligato.org
Fri May 4 08:53:14 PDT 2007

Tanya M. Lattner wrote:

> I'm asking that all platform maintainers and available llvm developers
> review the nightly tester results. Please XFAIL any dejagnu tests that are
> currently failing, fix any warnings, and review the results of the full
> llvm test suite. If a test failure is determined to be something that
> needs to be fixed before the release, please fix it or file a bugzilla
> bug, and set the target to 2.0.
> Any enhancements scheduled for the 2.0 release should go in ASAP. This
> work should be completed before May 7th. Please try to avoid checking
> in large changes right before the deadline.

I very much want to get my regalloc refactoring changes in but I don't
have a consistent platform to test them on.  Someone broke llvm-gcc
bootstrapping late last week or this week.

Can we please freeze features for a while and get some stability in
the tree before we branch 2.0?  I really need to test these patches
and it seems like the tree has been broken every other day for a week.


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