[LLVMdev] llvm-test make problems

Florian Brandner fbrandne at mail.tuwien.ac.at
Tue May 8 01:49:49 PDT 2007

Chris Lattner wrote:
> Is it just this one test that doesn't work, or do no tests work?  If no
> tests work, you probably need to rerun configure in llvm-test.  Make
> sure that llvm-gcc is in your path and detected by the configure script.

i found the problem. we have a script that builds llvm and llvm-gcc and
configures llvm-test. this script had a little flaw so that LLVMGCCDIR
was not set properly. as a result, llvm-gcc, opt, etc. where found
automatically, but cc1 and cc1plus not. reconfiguring llvm and llvm-test
did work in the end.

cc1 and cc1plus are required by the rules in Makefile.tests, e.g.:
Output/%.bc: %.c $(LCC1) Output/.dir $(INCLUDES)
        -$(LLVMGCC) $(CPPFLAGS) $(LCCFLAGS) $(TARGET_FLAGS) -O0 -c $< \
		-o $@ -emit-llvm
        -$(call UPGRADE_LL,$@)

should`t LLVMGCC also be a prerequisite here?

i found in the mailing list archive, that someone else had a similar
problem (without a solution). so it seems this kind of error occurs from
time to time. how about adding rules like these to the makefiles:

        @echo "Missing tool LLC1XX: $(LCC1XX)." && false

        @echo "Missing tool LLC1: $(LCC1)." && false

        @echo "Missing tool LLVMAS: $(LLVMAS)." && false

this would report missing tools automatically. if you want i could
prepare a patch?


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