[LLVMdev] 1 Week Before 2.0 Branch Creation

Tanya M. Lattner tonic at nondot.org
Fri May 4 10:49:38 PDT 2007

> I very much want to get my regalloc refactoring changes in but I don't
> have a consistent platform to test them on.  Someone broke llvm-gcc
> bootstrapping late last week or this week.

How large of a change have you made? With 3 days before the branch 
creation, I strongly advise people not to be checking in major changes.

> Can we please freeze features for a while and get some stability in
> the tree before we branch 2.0?  I really need to test these patches
> and it seems like the tree has been broken every other day for a week.

This week has been a bit crazy with people checking in their changes for 
2.0. When checking in, people are suppose to be running the llvm-test 
suite and regression tests. Unfortunately, this doesn't always seem to 
happen and its hard to control. I know its not a great solution, but you 
can do preliminary tests with the last stable version of cvs that you (or 
check the test results to find that date).

Creating the branch is a way of freezing the code. If the tree isn't 
stable on Monday, I will have to make a decision on how to proceed (ie. 
backing out changes).

We may need to change our proceedures for releases in the future. This is 
how we have done it in the past with no problem, but LLVM is growing much 
more rapidly now.


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