[PATCH] D28891: add support for Cavium ThunderX ARM64 processors

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Thu Jan 19 09:37:42 PST 2017

steleman added a comment.

In https://reviews.llvm.org/D28891#650425, @javed.absar wrote:

> Hi:
>  Some comments specifically on the scheduler. Overall the sched-model looks  good, although I don't have the detailed latency and micro-architecture information of ThunderX.
> A few points you may want to consider :
> 1. You could remove the lines with 'let ResourceCycles = [1];' as that's by-default. That would help you reduce size of descriptions in a number of places.
> 2. Same for 'let Latency = 1;'
> 3. I don't know the micro-arch of ThunderX, but is there a typo for the latency of THXT8XWriteVST3 as it exceeds corresponding resource-cycle for the same sched-class. You may want to just double-check that.
> 4. ReadAdvance seems to exceed write latency in some cases, and so you may want to double check that - e.g. ReadI (2) verus WriteI (1).
>   Best Regards Javed

Thank you very much for the comments - Renato and Javed.

I will add test cases, review the latencies and re-submit with corrections.



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