[PATCH] D27551: [DebugInfo] Add regression test for __fp16, float, and double constants.

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> In https://reviews.llvm.org/D27551#620373, @dblaikie wrote:
> > Does this need the test coverage if it's just "hey, LLVM can splat these
> bytes out into DWARF even if we (independently) say the type of those bytes
> is a float"? The code that emits the bytes is presumably independent of the
> code that emits the type description, so testing the combination seems
> unnecessary to me.
> Can you explain this further?  What parts of this test case are you
> suggesting may be unnecessary?

All of it. (partly under the argument that no code changes were required to
provide this functionality, but to be more complete:

* We already have test coverage for emitting the correct DW_AT_type value
* We already have test coverage that the arbitrary bytes in the constant
value are emitted into the right place in the DW_AT_const_value or whatnot

So what's the particularly interesting thing about testing the combination
of those two (so far as I can see) orthogonal features?)

> https://reviews.llvm.org/D27551
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