[PATCH] D7203: [asan] Set abort_on_error=1 by default on OS X

Kuba Brecka kuba.brecka at gmail.com
Thu Jul 23 07:52:06 PDT 2015

kubabrecka updated this revision to Diff 30485.
kubabrecka added a comment.

Kostya, thanks for dealing with this!

Changed `(SANITIZER_MAC == 1)` to just `SANITIZER_MAC`.  Removed the whole `__asan_default_options` thing for ASan unit tests and instead moved in into `test/asan/Unit/lit.site.cfg.in`.  Addressed other comments.

> I don't think the "See also ..." part is useful, and will quickly become annoying as other platforms are added.

I think it's important to note that the two tests are related (if you're editing one, you should be aware of the other).  Can we keep this?

> There will be a tax: please work with filcab to remove config.environment['ASAN_OPTIONS'] = 'symbolize_vs_style=false from the main path in lit.cfg

>  I want it to be done only for those platforms where he needs this to happen -- but not by default and not on Linux

Filipe, could you tell me on what platforms do you need to override `symbolize_vs_style`?  Also, it looks to me that it's always `false` by default for all platforms...  Are you talking about out-of-tree modifications of the defaults?




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