[PATCH] D7203: [asan] Set abort_on_error=1 by default on OS X

Filipe Cabecinhas filcab+llvm.phabricator at gmail.com
Thu Jul 23 10:40:14 PDT 2015

Hi Kuba,

On Thu, Jul 23, 2015 at 7:52 AM, Kuba Brecka <kuba.brecka at gmail.com> wrote:

> kubabrecka updated this revision to Diff 30485.
> kubabrecka added a comment.
> Kostya, thanks for dealing with this!
> Changed `(SANITIZER_MAC == 1)` to just `SANITIZER_MAC`.  Removed the whole
> `__asan_default_options` thing for ASan unit tests and instead moved in
> into `test/asan/Unit/lit.site.cfg.in`.  Addressed other comments.
> > I don't think the "See also ..." part is useful, and will quickly become
> annoying as other platforms are added.
> I think it's important to note that the two tests are related (if you're
> editing one, you should be aware of the other).  Can we keep this?
No problem on my end if you prefer to have it.
But maybe we don't need to repeat the OS name on the
TestCases/*/abort_on_error-*.cc tests, no?

> There will be a tax: please work with filcab to remove
> config.environment['ASAN_OPTIONS'] = 'symbolize_vs_style=false from the
> main path in lit.cfg
> >  I want it to be done only for those platforms where he needs this to
> happen -- but not by default and not on Linux
> Filipe, could you tell me on what platforms do you need to override
> `symbolize_vs_style`?  Also, it looks to me that it's always `false` by
> default for all platforms...  Are you talking about out-of-tree
> modifications of the defaults?
It's false on all platforms in open source. I don't know if anyone is
shipping the sanitizers on Windows yet, so UX should probably be centered
around whatever Google does with it. If we start shipping it with
llvm/clang we might want to see how a "regular Windows user" wants to use
it, though. (not a problem for now)

symbolize_vs_style=true is the default on our port, but I can't open source
it (yet?).

Thank you,


> Thanks!
> http://reviews.llvm.org/D7203
> Files:
>   lib/asan/asan_flags.inc
>   lib/asan/tests/asan_test_main.cc
>   test/asan/TestCases/Darwin/abort_on_error-darwin.cc
>   test/asan/TestCases/Linux/abort_on_error-linux.cc
>   test/asan/Unit/lit.site.cfg.in
>   test/asan/lit.cfg
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