[lldb-dev] Frame documentation

Jose H jose.francisco.hevia at gmail.com
Sat Nov 29 14:51:29 PST 2014


Continuing with my GUI program, where can I find information or
documentation about the frame format and what everything represents?

There is a lack of documentation in the code, it makes a lot of
assumptions about what every thing means. I wonder where this
assumptions come from.

For instance, what SBLineEntry means? The documentation lacks detail.

If I do:
line_entry = frame.GetLineEntry();

uint32_t line = line_entry.GetLine();
SBFileSpec source = line_entry.GetFileSpec();

I suppose line_enty represents the line entry of the frame in the
source code, and source the source code original file.

I could follow all this code with script and guess most of the
meaning, but it is a lot of work just manually traversing all possible
combinations to know what everything means.

Is there any better way?

I want to travel around functions instead of code. I mean I want to
display just a function and the line offset of the current program
counter in source code with the start of the function as reference,
probably pc-offset works with this.

Also I need to display all the variables of the frame, and to know the
type of every variable, the address pointers point to and a fast way
to access those pointers(I mean getting the real address, not the
ascii representation).

I have this feeling that there is something obvious I don't know that
makes my work unnecessary slow.


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