[lldb-dev] post-mortem debugging with lldb

Jason Molenda jason at molenda.com
Sun Nov 30 18:05:30 PST 2014

> On Nov 30, 2014, at 2:04 AM, René J.V. Bertin <rjvbertin at gmail.com> wrote:
>> It's probably more work than you want to do right now but for long-term maintainability, it would be the way to go.  
> That sounds interesting and a nice programming exercise (and very useful if lldb's "commandline API" is still evolving), but not something I can decide or implement easily just for the lldb backend. 

One aside -- parsing text from the debugger is never stable, not with gdb, not with lldb.  A long time ago IDEs used to use the debugger and try to parse the output ("annotated mode" in gdb would be an early example of trying to make it more machine parseable for emacs).  MI ("machine interface") was designed exactly for this reason -- so an IDE would have a stable protocol to use when communicating with the debugger.

Neither gdb nor lldb changes its output frequently -- but it does change over time.  Any debugger scripting based on regexp-matching the output from these debuggers will break on occasion and will require maintenance.


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