[lldb-dev] How to submit patches for reviev?

Kuba Ober kuba at mareimbrium.org
Wed Mar 12 12:56:01 PDT 2014

Now for hopefully the final netiquette questions:

1. Since I’m not a committer, is posting patches to -commits sufficient? If I get a “looks good to me” reply, do I need to do anything else?

2. When replying, should I cc the author(s), or is posting to the list sufficient?

Thanks again,


On Mar 12, 2014, at 11:31 AM, Todd Fiala <tfiala at google.com> wrote:

> I don't think anybody would be offended if you pinged, but if you haven't seen anything in two or three days, that seems fair to ping again.
> On Wed, Mar 12, 2014 at 8:27 AM, Kuba Ober <kuba at mareimbrium.org> wrote:
> What’s, the, um, customary waiting period before I should somehow “ping” about the patch
> languishing (should it do so - it’s only been a day so far, so I’m not worried)?
> Thanks, Kuba
> On Mar 12, 2014, at 11:24 AM, Todd Fiala <tfiala at google.com> wrote:
> >
> > That's totally fine.  Usually I see people post patches to lldb-commits when they're fairly routine, or post the patch to lldb-dev when there might be a lot more discussion about it (i.e. more experimental or exploratory).  That's my take, anyway.
> >
> >> There’s some LLDB build breakage visible at least when generating ninja output, under OS X 10.9.
> >>
> >> I have posted a patch to lldb-commits. Is that the right thing to do?
> >> The webpage isn’t quite clear on that.
> >>
> >> Cheers, Kuba

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