[lldb-dev] Merging/Unification of windows and trunk builds

Virgile Bello virgile.bello at gmail.com
Tue Aug 27 08:54:31 PDT 2013

Yes sure, I keep in touch with Carlos. He's been very helpful and

MSVC11 changes are related to the lack of <functional>, and some template
instantiations issues, so not so huge different but that might be enough so
that it is better kept as a separate patch/branch until everybody migrate
to MSVC12? (MSVC11 doesn't support full C++11 which LLDB targets, so if we
want to keep trunk clean from those issues it seems to be the only option).
Note that you can compile it in MSVC11 with toolset vc120.

For lldbProcessWindows, I will merge it to LLDB.
For the MSVC AD7 debugengine, not sure yet if I will open-source it or do a
low-cost commercial product out of it.

Didn't have a chance to check embarcadero code yet, I will do that as soon
as I am finished with the windows patches. However, it seems they took a
different approach (using windows implementation of POSIX functions).


On Mon, Aug 26, 2013 at 3:41 AM, João Matos <ripzonetriton at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Sun, Aug 25, 2013 at 1:53 PM, Virgile Bello <virgile.bello at gmail.com>wrote:
>> I currently target MSVC12 since it is supposed to have better C++11
>> support, but going from MSVC12 to MSVC11 is only a few changes.
>> If everybody is OK to go this way, most of the windows branch will end up
>> being merged.
>> If people are interested in helping, I could publish the branch so we
>> could work on it together.
>> After that there might still be some changes in the windows branch that I
>> didn't do, so it would be good to evaluate what's left (but probably not so
>> much).
> I am OK with this, but better talk with Carlos to make sure you get all of
> the fixes he has been piling on top of the Windows branch. I'll try to test
> your patches with MSVC11 and report whatever problems are found.
> Now, I happen to be working on the
>> lldbProcessWindows/lldbDynamicLibraryWindows plugins. Many features are
>> working (stack trace, breakpoints, stepping, disassembly, threads, locals,
>> etc...).
>> I currently use it in a MSVC DebugEngine plugin. It's still early stage
>> but it's starting to work.
>> Let me know what you think!
> This sounds awesome. I'd love to give it a try, are you open-sourcing the
> plugin?
> Also are you re-using any of the work that was open-sourced by Embarcadero
> for the port? I only gave it a quick glance, but it seemed to have a lot of
> code that could be re-used.
> --
> João Matos
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