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Title says it all, here is how it looks like locally:

  OVERVIEW: Clang Static Analyzer Checker Option List
  USAGE: clang -cc1 [CLANG_OPTIONS] -analyzer-config <OPTION1=VALUE,OPTION2=VALUE,...>
         clang -cc1 [CLANG_OPTIONS] -analyzer-config OPTION1=VALUE, -analyzer-config OPTION2=VALUE, ...
         clang [CLANG_OPTIONS] -Xclang -analyzer-config -Xclang<OPTION1=VALUE,OPTION2=VALUE,...>
         clang [CLANG_OPTIONS] -Xclang -analyzer-config -Xclang OPTION1=VALUE, -Xclang -analyzer-config -Xclang OPTION2=VALUE, ...
    alpha.clone.CloneChecker:MinimumCloneComplexity   (int) Ensures that every clone has at least
                                                      the given complexity. Complexity is here
                                                      defined as the total amount of children
                                                      of a statement. This constraint assumes
                                                      the first statement in the group is representative
                                                      for all other statements in the group in
                                                      terms of complexity. (default: 50)
    alpha.clone.CloneChecker:ReportNormalClones       (bool) Report all clones, even less suspicious
                                                      ones. (default: true)
    alpha.clone.CloneChecker:IgnoredFilesPattern      (string) If supplied, the checker wont analyze
                                                      files with a filename that matches the given
                                                      pattern. (default: "")
    alpha.cplusplus.UninitializedObject:Pedantic      (bool) If set to false, the checker won't
                                                      emit warnings for objects that don't have
                                                      at least one initialized field. (default: false)
                                                      (bool) If set to true, the checker will
                                                      emit a warning for each uninitalized field,
                                                      as opposed to emitting one warning per constructor
                                                      call, and listing the uninitialized fields
                                                      that belongs to it in notes. (default: false)
                                                      (bool) If set to false, the checker will
                                                      not analyze the pointee of pointer/reference
                                                      fields, and will only check whether the
                                                      object itself is initialized. (default: false)
                                                      (string) If supplied, the checker will not
                                                      analyze structures that have a field with
                                                      a name or type name that matches the given
                                                      pattern. (default: "")
                                                      (bool) If set to true, the checker will
                                                      analyze _syntactically_ whether the found
                                                      uninitialized object is used without a preceding
                                                      assert call. Defaults to false. (default: false)
    alpha.security.MmapWriteExec:MmapProtExec         (int) Specifies the value of PROT_EXEC 
                                                      (default: 0x04)
    alpha.security.MmapWriteExec:MmapProtRead         (int) Specifies the value of PROT_READ 
                                                      (default: 0x01)
    cplusplus.Move:WarnOn                             (string) In non-aggressive mode, only warn
                                                      on use-after-move of local variables (or
                                                      local rvalue references) and of STL objects.
                                                      The former is possible because local variables
                                                      (or local rvalue references) are not tempting
                                                      their user to re-use the storage. The latter
                                                      is possible because STL objects are known
                                                      to end up in a valid but unspecified state
                                                      after the move and their state-reset methods
                                                      are also known, which allows us to predict
                                                      precisely when use-after-move is invalid.
                                                      Some STL objects are known to conform to
                                                      additional contracts after move, so they
                                                      are not tracked. However, smart pointers
                                                      specifically are tracked because we can
                                                      perform extra checking over them. In aggressive
                                                      mode, warn on any use-after-move because
                                                      the user has intentionally asked us to completely
                                                      eliminate use-after-move in his code. Values:
                                                      "KnownsOnly", "KnownsAndLocals", "All". 
                                                      (default: KnownsAndLocals)
    debug.AnalysisOrder:PreStmtCastExpr               (bool) (default: false)
    debug.AnalysisOrder:PostStmtCastExpr              (bool) (default: false)
    debug.AnalysisOrder:PreStmtArraySubscriptExpr     (bool) (default: false)
    debug.AnalysisOrder:PostStmtArraySubscriptExpr    (bool) (default: false)
    debug.AnalysisOrder:PreStmtCXXNewExpr             (bool) (default: false)
    debug.AnalysisOrder:PostStmtCXXNewExpr            (bool) (default: false)
    debug.AnalysisOrder:PreStmtOffsetOfExpr           (bool) (default: false)
    debug.AnalysisOrder:PostStmtOffsetOfExpr          (bool) (default: false)
    debug.AnalysisOrder:PreCall                       (bool) (default: false)
    debug.AnalysisOrder:PostCall                      (bool) (default: false)
    debug.AnalysisOrder:EndFunction                   (bool) (default: false)
    debug.AnalysisOrder:NewAllocator                  (bool) (default: false)
    debug.AnalysisOrder:Bind                          (bool) (default: false)
    debug.AnalysisOrder:LiveSymbols                   (bool) (default: false)
    debug.AnalysisOrder:RegionChanges                 (bool) (default: false)
    debug.AnalysisOrder:*                             (bool) Enables all callbacks. (default: false)
    optin.cplusplus.VirtualCall:PureOnly              (bool) Whether to only report calls to pure
                                                      virtual methods. (default: false)
                                                      (bool) Marks a string being returned by
                                                      any call as localized if it is in LocStringFunctions
                                                      (LSF) or the function is annotated. Otherwise,
                                                      we mark it as NonLocalized (Aggressive)
                                                      or NonLocalized only if it is not backed
                                                      by a SymRegion (Non-Aggressive), basically
                                                      leaving only string literals as NonLocalized. 
                                                      (default: false)
    optin.performance.Padding:AllowedPad              (int) Reports are only generated if the
                                                      excessive padding exceeds 'AllowedPad' in
                                                      bytes. (default: 24)
    osx.NumberObjectConversion:Pedantic               (bool) Enables detection of more conversion
                                                      patterns (which are most likely more harmless,
                                                      and therefore are more likely to produce
                                                      false positives). (default: false)
                                                      (bool) Reports are only generated if the
                                                      excessive padding exceeds 'AllowedPad' in
                                                      bytes. (default: false)
    osx.cocoa.RetainCount:CheckOSObject               (bool) Reports are only generated if the
                                                      excessive padding exceeds 'AllowedPad' in
                                                      bytes. (default: true)
    osx.cocoa.RetainCount:TrackNSCFStartParam         (bool) (default: false)
    unix.DynamicMemoryModeling:Optimistic             (bool) In set to false, the checker assumes
                                                      that it does not know which functions might
                                                      free the memory. (default: false)

  rC Clang



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