[Release-testers] RFC: Upcoming release schedules and creating a formal schedule for future releases

Tom Stellard via Release-testers release-testers at lists.llvm.org
Mon Jan 4 20:32:58 PST 2021


I want to give an update on the status of the LLVM 11 and LLVM 12 
releases.  11.0.1-final is expected to be tagged this week, along with 
11.1.0-rc1.  Unfortunately, we had an ABI regression in libclang.so 
between LLVM 10 and LLVM 11, so we need to do an 11.1.0 release to 
correct this.  This happened one other time where we had to bump the 
minor version to correct an ABI breakage.  So, LLVM 11.0.1 libclang will 
be ABI compatible with LLVM 11, and LLVM 11.1.0 libclang will be ABI 
compatible  with LLVM != 11.

For LLVM 12 the proposed branch date is Jan 26.  I'm hoping we will have 
the 2 LLVM 11.x releases done before that.

In addition to all this, I would like to propose an official 
week-of-the-year based release schedule that we can use for all future 
releases.  What I'm proposing is not really any different in terms of 
dates from what we've been doing for the last several years.  My main 
goal is just to get this documented so it's clear to the community and 
the release managers what the expectations are.  Here is the proposed 

1.0.0-rc1   4th Tue in January
1.0.0-rc2   + 4 Weeks
1.0.0-final + 2 Weeks  (10th Tuesday ~mar 9)
1.0.1-rc1   + 4 Weeks
1.0.1-rc2   + 4 Weeks
1.0.1-final + 2 Weeks  (20th Tuesday ~may 18)

2.0.0-rc1   + 10 Weeks (+26 Weeks From 1.0.0-rc1)
2.0.0-rc2   +  4 Weeks
2.0.0-final +  2 weeks (36th Tuesday ~sep 7)
2.0.1-rc1   +  4 weeks
2.0.1-rc2   +  4 weeks
2.0.1-final +  2 weeks (46th Tuesday ~nov 16

The release branches will be created on the same day as -rc1.

If there are no objections to this, I will add it to the documentation 
next week.


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