[Openmp-dev] AMDGPU and clang-tools-extra

Ye Luo via Openmp-dev openmp-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed May 19 13:18:30 PDT 2021

spack install llvm at main does work on my workstation with ubuntu 20.04. rocm
is installed and amd pieces for OpenMP offload are rebuilt properly. I have
limited ideas about the experience on other OSes.

yeluo at epyc-server:~/opt/llvm-clang/llvm-project$ ls
libomp.so                      libomptarget-amdgcn-gfx803.bc
libomptarget-amdgcn-gfx700.bc  libomptarget-amdgcn-gfx900.bc
libomptarget-amdgcn-gfx701.bc  libomptarget-amdgcn-gfx906.bc
libomptarget-amdgcn-gfx801.bc  libomptarget.rtl.amdgpu.so

yeluo at epyc-server:~/opt/llvm-clang/llvm-project$ which clang-tidy

spack uses ENABLE_PROJECTS and doesn't use ENABLE_RUNTIMES right now.
So the output from building clang-tools-extra and openmp can be blended.

Ye Luo, Ph.D.
Computational Science Division & Leadership Computing Facility
Argonne National Laboratory

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>> I am trying to build llvm on main branch with Spack with help from Tom,
>> however
>> the AMDGPU code does not seem to work well with clang-tools-extra
>> project, which
>> is added together with the clang project when a Spack build initiated.
>> Has anyone
>> observed an issue with AMDGPU code with tools in upstream?
> None reported. I don't build clang-tools-extra, seems totally independent.
> Are you building openmp with ENABLE_PROJECTS and a clang that can't build
> amdgpu code, instead of ENABLE_RUNTIMES? If so, use ENABLE_RUNTIMES, a
> working clang, or disable the amdgpu library.
> Otherwise, please expand on 'does not seem to work well'.
> Jon
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