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> Hi,
> I want to do a project with OpenMP where I add speculation with transactional memory, but I have a hard time finding an entry point to the omp library.
> Therefore, I was hoping you could point me to it.
> Best wishes
> Krzysztof
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What are you really trying to achieve?

The OpenMP standard has support for transactional memory already (via the use of synchronization hints https://www.openmp.org/spec-html/5.1/openmpsu180.html#x226-2590003.9.2 <https://www.openmp.org/spec-html/5.1/openmpsu180.html#x226-2590003.9.2> and https://www.openmp.org/spec-html/5.1/openmpsu110.html#x143-1550002.19.12 <https://www.openmp.org/spec-html/5.1/openmpsu110.html#x143-1550002.19.12> ), and the LLVM OpenMP runtime already supports them on machines (such as Intel processors) where the hardware has that capabiilty.

See the first talk at https://www.openmp.org/resources/openmp-presentations/resources-openmp-presentations-sc18-booth-talks/ <https://www.openmp.org/resources/openmp-presentations/resources-openmp-presentations-sc18-booth-talks/> 

-- Jim
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