[Openmp-dev] KMPC Interface for OpenMP offloading

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Thu Dec 14 16:08:20 PST 2017

On 12/14/2017 05:51 PM, simone via Openmp-dev wrote:
> Hi,
> I know there is an LLVM OpenMP runtime library interface document, 
> that describe the interface provided to the compiler.
> Looking at this document there are not functions related to OpenMP 
> targets, is there another document that describes the interface for 
> offloading, or is there a plan to extend it? '

There's a PDF you can find here: 

We should probably make sure that the most up-to-date document is in the 

> The OpenMP runtime in the git repository from IBM Yorktown that 
> implements offloading into NVIDIA GPUs use runtime functions that 
> start with the prefix __tgt_*, is that the official choice?



> If any of you could clarify this, it would be awesome!
> Thanks!
> Simone
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