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I’m fine with putting libomptarget next to libomp as they are both clearly related to each other and to OpenMP.


However, I wonder whether it might be a good idea to move both under the umbrella of parallel-libs in the long term.

We can still keep the subdomain or make it a redirect, but if LLVM has a collection of “parallel-libs” I think the OpenMP runtime libraries should join the fun.


Just my opinion,



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    I would like to re-start the discussion on the location for omptarget.  The code for omptarget is under review.  We would like to make progress getting this code into llvm.

Currently we (IBM, Intel, AMD, ANL) have agreed that the right approach is to make  omptarget as a subproject of openmp.  The reason behind this is that omptarget is dependent on openmp tasking to handle the scheduling of target task which have depend/nowait clause.  In the future we could move parts of omptarget to different subproject ie parallel-libs if we have clients wanting to offload and would like to reuse code existing in omptarget.  We like to hear from developers about the direction we want to take.


Ravi Narayanaswamy.

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