[Openmp-commits] [clang] [llvm] [openmp] [lldb] [libcxx] [flang] [compiler-rt] [clang-tools-extra] [OpenMP] Add memory diff dump for kernel record-replay (PR #70667)

Giorgis Georgakoudis via Openmp-commits openmp-commits at lists.llvm.org
Tue Oct 31 23:47:46 PDT 2023

@@ -274,7 +317,7 @@ struct RecordReplayTy {
   void saveKernelOutputInfo(const char *Name) {
     SmallString<128> OutputFilename = {
         Name, (isRecording() ? ".original.output" : ".replay.output")};
-    dumpDeviceMemory(OutputFilename);
+    dumpDeviceMemory(OutputFilename, /*saveDiff*/ true);
ggeorgakoudis wrote:

Create a different function `dumpDeviceMemoryDiff` and put the logic there, instead of conflating the existing one with the `saveDiff` flag


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