[Openmp-commits] [openmp] [Flang][OpenMP][MLIR] Initial array section mapping MLIR -> LLVM-IR lowering utilising omp.bounds (PR #68689)

Kiran Chandramohan via Openmp-commits openmp-commits at lists.llvm.org
Tue Oct 17 05:44:06 PDT 2023

https://github.com/kiranchandramohan commented:

> Alongside these changes some refactoring of how map data is handled is attempted, using a new MapData structure to keep track of information utilised in the lowering of mapped values.
> The initial addition of a more complex createDeviceArgumentAccessor that utilises capture kinds similarly to (and loosely based on) Clang to generate different kernel argument accesses is also added.
> A similar function for altering how the kernel argument is passed to the kernel argument structure on the host is also utilised (createAlteredByCaptureMap), which allows modification of the pointer/basePointer based on their capture (and bounds information). It's of note ByRef, is the default for explicit mappings and ByCopy will be the default for implicit captures, so the former is currently tested in this patch and the latter is not for the moment.

Would it be possible to push all the refactorings directly as an NFC patch? And then have the changes necessary for array-sections only in this patch?


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