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In SupportAndFAQ.rst, add blank lines before and after a bullet list and
sublist.  This avoids an "Unepxected indentation" warning.

In Runtimes.rst, adjust the suggestion for setting LIBOMPTARGET_INFO.
The right shifts are not necessary as the bit mask values are already

  rG LLVM Github Monorepo



Index: openmp/docs/design/Runtimes.rst
--- openmp/docs/design/Runtimes.rst
+++ openmp/docs/design/Runtimes.rst
@@ -763,7 +763,7 @@
 .. code-block:: console
-   $ env LIBOMPTARGET_INFO=$((1 << 0x1 | 1 << 0x10)) ./your-application
+   $ env LIBOMPTARGET_INFO=$((0x1 | 0x10)) ./your-application
 Or, to enable every flag run with every bit set.
Index: openmp/docs/SupportAndFAQ.rst
--- openmp/docs/SupportAndFAQ.rst
+++ openmp/docs/SupportAndFAQ.rst
@@ -151,14 +151,17 @@
 Q: What are the LLVM components used in offloading and how are they found?
 The libraries used by an executable compiled for target offloading are:
 - ``libomp.so`` (or similar), the host openmp runtime
 - ``libomptarget.so``, the target-agnostic target offloading openmp runtime
 - plugins loaded by libomptarget.so:
   - ``libomptarget.rtl.amdgpu.so``
   - ``libomptarget.rtl.cuda.so``
   - ``libomptarget.rtl.x86_64.so``
   - ``libomptarget.rtl.ve.so``
   - and others
 - dependencies of those plugins, e.g. cuda/rocr for nvptx/amdgpu
 The compiled executable is dynamically linked against a host runtime, e.g.

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