[Openmp-commits] [PATCH] D139730: [OpenMP][DeviceRTL][AMDGPU] Support code object version 5

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Tue Dec 13 05:02:13 PST 2022

JonChesterfield added a comment.

I am reluctant to add the dependency edge to rocm device libs to openmp's GPU runtime.

We currently require that library for libm, which I'm also not thrilled about, but at least you can currently build and run openmp programs (that don't use libm, like much of our tests) without it.

My problem with device libs is that it usually doesn't build with trunk. It follows a rolling dev model tied to rocm clang and when upstream does something that takes a long time to apply, device libs doesn't build until rocm catches up. I've literally never managed to compile any branch of device libs with trunk clang without modifying the source, generally to delete directories that don't look necessary for libm.

Further, selecting an ABI based on runtime code found in a library which is hopefully constant folded is a weird layering choice. The compiler knows what ABI it is emitting code for, and that's how it picks files from device libs to effect that choice, but it would make far more sense to me for the compiler back end to set this stuff up itself.

Also, if we handle ABI in the back end, then we don't get the inevitable problem of rocm device libs and trunk clang having totally different ideas of what the ABI is as they drift in and out of sync.

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