[Openmp-commits] [PATCH] D44470: [OpenMP][libomptarget] Enable multiple frames per global memory slot

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Wed Mar 14 16:08:07 PDT 2018

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Comment at: libomptarget/deviceRTLs/nvptx/src/data_sharing.cu:400
+      // Check if there is a next slot.
+      if (__kmpc_data_sharing_slot *ExistingSlot = SlotP->Next) {
+        // Attempt to reuse an existing slot provided the data fits in the slot.
grokos wrote:
> So here we are only inspecting the very next slot hoping that it will be large enough to accommodate our request. In case the next slot is not big enough, could there be slots after the next which are suitable? If this scenario is possible, then why are we only inspecting the very next slot and delete everything thereafter if it's not big enough?
It's definitely do-able but chances of that logic being applied are small. We expect the vast majority of requests to fit the default size of the the slot. For data that is larger than the default case it is vastly more likely that there's no next slot and we just create an entirely new slot.
There is also the issue of space: keeping around a list that occasionally has completely empty slots will be wasteful (you could argue that since it's a linked list we can just delete those nodes and redo the links). What I can do is as I delete the "next" node I can check if the data fits, if it does I can just place it there.

Comment at: libomptarget/deviceRTLs/nvptx/src/data_sharing.cu:502-505
+        while(Tail && Tail->Prev) {
+          Tail = Tail->Prev;
+          free(Tail->Next);
+          Tail->Next=0;
grokos wrote:
> I think this loop will delete all slots apart from the very first (the last iteration will be when `Tail` points to the first slot and we just deallocate `Tail->next`). Don't we want to delete the first slot as well?
That's intentional. The head of the list is a statically allocated shared memory node so that one we don't need to call free on.

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