[llvm-dev] Performance benefits shown in [RFC: CSSPGO with Pseudo-Instrumentation] can't be reproduced.

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For Spec2017, we’ve seen 1%+ CPU improvements on Broadwell hosts in the past. We use spec only for bringing up new technologies and we no longer tracks spec results now as we move towards production workload. Also note that the measurement was done on our internal fork, with some internal patches. We’re still working on upstreaming some of them.

For the setup, -fdebug-info-for-profiling needs to be removed.


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Subject: [llvm-dev] Performance benefits shown in [RFC: CSSPGO with Pseudo-Instrumentation] can't be reproduced.
Hi All,

I am using CSSPGO with Pseudo-Instrumentation. But I found that the performance benefits shown in [RFC: CSSPGO with Pseudo-Instrumentation]<https://groups.google.com/g/llvm-dev/c/1p1rdYbL93s/m/iJjcmUS7AwAJ> can't be reproduced on Spec CPU 2017 based on llvm-12. In RFC, results show that CSSPGO with Pseudo-Instrumentation achieves better performance over AutoFDO.

Here, I have two question:

  1.  ​Why choose Spec CPU 2006 instead of Spec CPU 2017? Do you have results on Spec CPU 2017?
  2.  ​Please point out if there is any error with my usage of CSSPGO, the steps are as follows:
Suppose that my program is test.cpp.
Step 1: clang  -O3  -g3  -fno-omit-frame-pointer  -fdebug-info-for-profiling  -fpseudo-probe-for-profiling  test.cpp  -o  test
Step 2: perf  record  -g  --call-graph  fp  -e  br_inst_retired.near_taken:uppp  -c  16009  -b  -o  test.perf.data  ./test
Step 3: perf  script  -F  ip,brstack  -i  test.perf.data  --show-mmap-event  &>  test.perf.script
Step 4: llvm_install/bin/llvm-profgen  --perfscript=test.perf.script  --binary=./test  --output=test.spgo.profraw  --format=text
Step 5: llvm_install/bin/llvm-profdata  merge  --text  --sample  -output=test.spgo.prof  test.profraw ...
Step 6: clang  -O3  -g3  -fpseudo-probe-for-profiling  --fprofile-sample-use=test.spgo.prof  test.cpp  -o  cs_test
Step 7: ./cs_test

Qingqing Xu

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