[llvm-dev] Performance benefits shown in [RFC: CSSPGO with Pseudo-Instrumentation] can't be reproduced.

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Thu Oct 28 01:26:16 PDT 2021

Hi All,

I am using *CSSPGO with Pseudo-Instrumentation*. But I found that the
performance benefits shown in [RFC: CSSPGO with Pseudo-Instrumentation]
<https://groups.google.com/g/llvm-dev/c/1p1rdYbL93s/m/iJjcmUS7AwAJ> *can't
be reproduced on Spec CPU 2017* based on *llvm-12*. In RFC, results show
that CSSPGO with Pseudo-Instrumentation achieves better performance over

Here, I have two question:

   1. ​Why choose Spec CPU 2006 instead of Spec CPU 2017? Do you have
   results on Spec CPU 2017?
   2. ​Please point out if there is any error with my usage of CSSPGO, the
   steps are as follows:

Suppose that my program is test.cpp.
Step 1: clang  -O3  -g3  -fno-omit-frame-pointer
 -fdebug-info-for-profiling  -fpseudo-probe-for-profiling  test.cpp  -o
Step 2: perf  record  -g  --call-graph  fp  -e
 br_inst_retired.near_taken:uppp  -c  16009  -b  -o  test.perf.data  ./test
Step 3: perf  script  -F  ip,brstack  -i  test.perf.data  --show-mmap-event
 &>  test.perf.script
Step 4: llvm_install/bin/llvm-profgen  --perfscript=test.perf.script
 --binary=./test  --output=test.spgo.profraw  --format=text
Step 5: llvm_install/bin/llvm-profdata  merge  --text  --sample
 -output=test.spgo.prof  test.profraw ...
Step 6: clang  -O3  -g3  -fpseudo-probe-for-profiling
 --fprofile-sample-use=test.spgo.prof  test.cpp  -o  cs_test
Step 7: ./cs_test

Qingqing Xu

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