[llvm-dev] cross-project-tests doesn't appear to send commit-mail

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Thu Oct 28 18:07:37 PDT 2021

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> Subject: Re: [llvm-dev] cross-project-tests doesn't appear to send commit-
> mail
> On 10/28/21 5:37 PM, David Blaikie via llvm-dev wrote:
> > Is cross-project-tests sending commit mail to some mailing list? It
> doesn't seem to have sent it to any mailing list I'm on. So it's hard to
> send post-commit feedback/keep track of changes/do post-commit review.
> >
> They should be on the all-commits list, but I don't think many people
> subscribe
> to that.  Do you have a suggestion for which list these commit mails
> should
> go to ?
> -Tom

I've replied to the comment on the commit; do those comments also go only
to the all-commits list?

Is there possibly an other-commits list, for subprojects that don't have
their own list?  It seems like, wanting to see cross-projects-tests
commits shouldn't require subscribing to the all-commits fire hose.

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