[llvm-dev] "[NFC]" Abuse

Luke Drummond via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Jun 17 10:11:38 PDT 2021

Hi all

Twice in the last week I've had to bisect crashes in the middle end or failed CI
due to commits marked "[NFC]" that changed something fundamental about a public
API or the format of IR.

While I understand LLVM's always been pretty fluid with API and ABI stability,
it smacks a little when the offending commit is marked "[NFC]".

Can some elders / code-owners comment on the expected threshold for what no
longer counts as "NFC"? I'd personally like to limit its usage to things like
changing a local variable name, rewording a comment, or clang-formatting
something - not API, ABI, or IR changes.

All the Best

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