[llvm-dev] GSoC 2020 Project "Improve MegreFunctions to incorporate MergeSimilarFunctions patches and ThinLTO Support"

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Hi Vishal,

Glad you're interested in LLVM!

If one of your professors has contact info of Aditya Kumar, I think it's
better for both you and him if you ask him for his e-mail address. That way
you can CC him here because he's the best person to help you and guide you.

Stefanos Baziotis

Στις Τετ, 18 Μαρ 2020 στις 8:33 μ.μ., ο/η Vishal Chebrolu via llvm-dev <
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> Hello llvm developers,
> I am Vishal Chebrolu, a final year undergraduate from National Institute
> of Technolgy, Calicut, India majoring in Computer Science and Engineering.
> This is to express my interest in the Google Summer of Code, 2020 project
> which is "Improve MergeFunctions to incorporate MergeSimilarFunctions
> patches and ThinLTO Support". I came to know about the project from my
> current project mentor. I've read through the LCTES, 2014 paper and was
> very much interested to provide LLVM with the capabilities of
> MergeSimilarFunctions. I went through the slides of LLVM Dev Meeting, 2013
> describing the merge similar functions idea and also watched the video of
> LLVM Dev Meeting, 2018 elaborating the process of Porting MergeFunctions to
> ThinLTO. Both the references helped me to get a rough idea of design and
> how to proceed with the project. I've also begun going through the 5
> patches pertaining to the project and also skimmed through the llvm-dev
> mailing lists regarding MergeFunctions.  I drafted a proposal with my
> current understanding of the project and submitted it through the GSoC
> portal and it is open to comments. I request people of the LLVM community
> to help me submit a good proposal. My current project mentor is in touch
> with the GSoC project mentor, Aditya Kumar. I write here with his consent
> and to gain more knowledge pertaining to the project.
> *About Me*
> As an undergraduate student, I have studied the Compiler Design course and
> Compiler Design Laboratory, supervised by Dr. Vineeth Paleri and have
> secured an "S" in the Laboratory course. In the lab, we have built a
> compiler for a new language called Object-Oriented Experimental Programming
> Language (OEXPL)[1]. During my final year, I have worked on a
> Continue-After-Error mode for AddressSanitizer in LLVM. As a prerequisite,
> I have built a front-end for the EXPL language supporting various features
> of the language. I have also built a pass for Global Common Sub-Expression
> Elimination in LLVM. My work relating to the final year project will be
> published after some necessary extensions within the scope of the project.
> The project has been supervised by Dr. UnniKrishnan from IIT Palakkad,
> India and Dr. K. Murali Krishnan from NIT Calicut, India. Dr. UnniKrishnan
> is in touch with the GSoC project mentor, Aditya Kumar. I have a thorough
> understanding of LLVM IR and have good experience in programming with C and
> C++. I am also familiar with SSA representation and x86 Assembly. Some of
> my works can be found in my GitHub profile.
> *References*
> 1) OEXPL https://silcnitc.github.io/oexpl-specification.html
> *Contact*
> Vishal Chebrolu
> National Institute of Technology, Calicut, India
> Email - chebroluvishal at gmail.com
> GitHub - https://github.com/vish99
> LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/vishal-chebrolu-653816161/
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