[llvm-dev] GSoC 2020 Project "Improve MegreFunctions to incorporate MergeSimilarFunctions patches and ThinLTO Support"

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Wed Mar 18 11:32:30 PDT 2020

Hello llvm developers,

I am Vishal Chebrolu, a final year undergraduate from National Institute of
Technolgy, Calicut, India majoring in Computer Science and Engineering.
This is to express my interest in the Google Summer of Code, 2020 project
which is "Improve MergeFunctions to incorporate MergeSimilarFunctions
patches and ThinLTO Support". I came to know about the project from my
current project mentor. I've read through the LCTES, 2014 paper and was
very much interested to provide LLVM with the capabilities of
MergeSimilarFunctions. I went through the slides of LLVM Dev Meeting, 2013
describing the merge similar functions idea and also watched the video of
LLVM Dev Meeting, 2018 elaborating the process of Porting MergeFunctions to
ThinLTO. Both the references helped me to get a rough idea of design and
how to proceed with the project. I've also begun going through the 5
patches pertaining to the project and also skimmed through the llvm-dev
mailing lists regarding MergeFunctions.  I drafted a proposal with my
current understanding of the project and submitted it through the GSoC
portal and it is open to comments. I request people of the LLVM community
to help me submit a good proposal. My current project mentor is in touch
with the GSoC project mentor, Aditya Kumar. I write here with his consent
and to gain more knowledge pertaining to the project.

*About Me*
As an undergraduate student, I have studied the Compiler Design course and
Compiler Design Laboratory, supervised by Dr. Vineeth Paleri and have
secured an "S" in the Laboratory course. In the lab, we have built a
compiler for a new language called Object-Oriented Experimental Programming
Language (OEXPL)[1]. During my final year, I have worked on a
Continue-After-Error mode for AddressSanitizer in LLVM. As a prerequisite,
I have built a front-end for the EXPL language supporting various features
of the language. I have also built a pass for Global Common Sub-Expression
Elimination in LLVM. My work relating to the final year project will be
published after some necessary extensions within the scope of the project.
The project has been supervised by Dr. UnniKrishnan from IIT Palakkad,
India and Dr. K. Murali Krishnan from NIT Calicut, India. Dr. UnniKrishnan
is in touch with the GSoC project mentor, Aditya Kumar. I have a thorough
understanding of LLVM IR and have good experience in programming with C and
C++. I am also familiar with SSA representation and x86 Assembly. Some of
my works can be found in my GitHub profile.

1) OEXPL https://silcnitc.github.io/oexpl-specification.html

Vishal Chebrolu
National Institute of Technology, Calicut, India
Email - chebroluvishal at gmail.com
GitHub - https://github.com/vish99
LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/vishal-chebrolu-653816161/
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