[llvm-dev] Redundant copies

Roger Ferrer Ibáñez via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Mon Mar 16 01:53:56 PDT 2020

> At this point however it doesn't (obviously) look like one (it still using
> different vregs) which suggests it might require a bit more of work to
> discover something that will ultimately lead to a redundant copy. I will
> investigate this option as well.

I correct myself here: in the MIR dumps (for this example) right after copy
coalescing the copy is redundant even at vregs

  %14:gpr = COPY %0
  BEQ %6, $x0, %bb.3
  PseudoBR %bb.1

  %14:gpr = COPY %0

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