[llvm-dev] Flang landing in the monorepo - next Monday!

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Thu Jan 9 06:43:32 PST 2020

Hi all

Apologies, I somehow combined two points in my list while copying from my editor to my email client! Below is the list as I intended, with changes in bold.


I think all these have been addressed (please correct me if you think otherwise)
1. Audit trail/visibility of code review [Addressed by Peter - code has been reviewed [a] to F18 coding guidelines [b].
2. Long-term viability of Flang community and overlap with existing LLVM community [Hopefully Hal and Johannes replies and Greg's and Pat's and my reply demonstrate long-term commitment to Flang after upstreaming]
3. Compatibility of license [Addressed by Steve, a recent update has made the licenses compatible [c]]
4. No use of LLVM APIs and so no connection to the project [Addressed by Hal and me - it is the natural next step in development as Flang starts to generate MLIR. Nvidia are working on this now.]

I think these are acknowledged right now and we are actively working on fixes:
5. No use of lit in the regression tests [Arm is working on this]
6. Need to refactor parts of clang driver that can be shared with flang into a separate library [Arm is working on this, but plans to implement a simple driver first before refactoring to better understand the opportunities to do so. See Peter's RFC [d] ]
7. No integration into the LLVM build system/Cmake [I think Pat and Eric have patches ready to go for this?]

I think these are only acknowledged, with the intention to remediate post merge, but no concrete plan or owner at this point:
8. No use of LLVM utilities or standard data structures
9. Simple deviations from the LLVM coding style
     a. Separating public headers into include/flang
     b. Syntactical things like braces on single line statements, comments on end of namespaces, etc.
     c. .cc file extensions rather than .cpp
10. Bigger deviations from the LLVM coding style that are harder to fix
    a. Early exits and not using else after return, etc.
11. Flang not supporting all the same C++ compilers as the rest of the project (even taking into account C++17 requirement)

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