[llvm-dev] Flang landing in the monorepo - next Monday!

Peter Waller via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Jan 9 06:42:58 PST 2020

On 09/01/2020 14:40, Peter Waller wrote:
> I imagine github do the same. I can't find anything in their docs to 
> that effect that I can link to. I've written to github support to them 
> to ask what to expect. As a quick experiment I compared the size of 
> the packfiles after a clone of each:
> 840M    llvm-project-single-branch/.git
> 805M    f18-post-merge-single-branch/.git
> Hmm, the rewritten history branch, with both llvm and f18, is smaller 
> than f18 alone. This suggests to me that the repositories aren't 
> repacked at the same rate.
Correction: I was trying to say "LLVM+18" is bigger than "LLVM alone", 
which is surprising, but could be explained if the former was repacked 
by github more recently than the latter :)

(Which I could imagine, because pushing 3,000 commits might happen to 
trigger some packing heuristics)

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