[llvm-dev] Allowing PRs on GitHub for some subprojects

Louis Dionne via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Feb 20 10:21:22 PST 2020


I know there has been significant discussion about "moving" from Phabricator to GitHub reviews and pull requests, etc. I'm not suggesting that we do anything in terms of global LLVM policy. However, as a maintainer of libc++, I commit __a lot__ of other people's code for them. It would be a huge time saver for me if I could nicely suggest to contributors (not force them) to use PRs instead of Phabricator for their contributions. It would also handle commit attribution properly, which is a pain right now.

Would it be possible to allow GitHub PRs to be submitted on the monorepo so as to let individual sub-projects deal with it however they please? I've spoken to numerous people involved in libc++ development and they would like to start submitting PRs (and for the others, we'll still accept Phabricator reviews). Perhaps it is possible to setup some kind of filter such that PRs touching only libcxx/ and libcxxabi/ can be submitted, but otherwise they're closed by the bot?


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