[llvm-dev] How to deal with multiple patches to the same file

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Wed Aug 12 09:34:09 PDT 2020

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> I didn't think my plan sounded right. I understand what you are saying,
> but once the first patch is accepted, I have to remember to rebase the
> other branch and resubmit the patch. No? 

Optional.  Phab works off the diff file you give it, not by comparing to
the source in git.  (This is why we ask for the full-context diff, so
reviewers can look anywhere in the file you were working from.)  If the 
patches were dependent, you'd really want to rebase, but for independent 
patches it doesn't matter.  (Well, if there are a *lot* of changes, then
people might ask for a rebase just to make sure nothing was affected.
And if you're going to make changes in response to comments, my feeling
is you might as well rebase at the same time.)

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