[llvm-dev] What is the process for release notes for LLVM

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Okay, thanks both, that's useful to know/think about.

I guess it doesn't really answer my question of "when is a release note
appropriate"? I've seen in different software release notes that range from
one per change, even if not user-facing, all the way to almost none at all,
and I'm not sure where to draw the balance (aside from if the release
manager wants one, add it). For example, should we add release notes if the
error diagnostics from a tool change (text
updates/quantity/warnings->errors or vice versa/etc)? Should all new
options have an accompanying release note? What about format changes to
llvm binutils output? And which tools should we be producing release notes
for? Should they exist for FileCheck, lit or yaml2obj even though these are
primarily intended for our internal testing?

On Wed, 29 Apr 2020 at 15:49, Sam Elliott <selliott at lowrisc.org> wrote:

> This approximately follows my understanding and expectation.
> I think that, if you have commit access, commits to improve release notes
> fall under the contribution guidelines for documentation and therefore do
> not require a full Phabricator review.
> I know Alex Bradbury tries to coordinate the RISC-V backend-related
> release notes based on the backend changes since the last release, and this
> seems to work well (in some cases soliciting notes, in some cases just
> writing up what others had done). It does seem that role should not just
> fall on the shoulders of a backend or component owner, though.
> I would agree that it could be easier to update release notes in patches
> that make the changes to keep everything together, although I'm not sure
> how this affects backporting patches (solving merge conflicts in release
> notes seems like it could be rather infuriating if it happened a lot).
> Sam
> > On 29 Apr 2020, at 2:05 pm, Robinson, Paul via llvm-dev <
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> >
> > The way things work in practice is, when it’s time for a release, the
> release manager makes a general plea for people to write release notes.
> This might include pleas to individuals whom the release manager has
> noticed made a note-worthy change; I seem to remember getting one such
> email once upon a time.
> >
> > Asking for a release note as part of the review would be a new thing,
> but IMO brilliant.
> > --paulr
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> > Hi all,
> >
> > I'm aware that LLVM has release notes, but I've never written one
> myself, despite making at times some fairly significant changes to the
> various llvm tools. Is there any documentation in LLVM on when a release
> note is appropriate and how to write one? Should reviewers be asking people
> to write release notes as part of reviews?
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