[llvm-dev] Adding SYCL tests in test-suite

Kaylor, Andrew via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Wed Apr 15 17:17:03 PDT 2020

Hi all,

We'd like to some SYCL tests to LLVM's test suite. The SYCL support in the LLVM repo is still very much a work-in-progress, but since the test-suite is supposed to be able to support compilers other than clang, I thought it would be reasonable to start adding the tests there now, disabled by default, rather than maintaining a fork of the test-suite repo until SYCL support is fully in place in the main repo.

These tests would involve compiling one or more source files containing SYCL kernels and then executing the resulting binaries using either host, CPU, or accelerator devices, based on the user's configuration. Running these tests in some configurations would require an OpenCL runtime and, of course, the chosen hardware.

Am I over-reaching?

If not, I'd like some feedback on where the tests should go. For the most part, I think these will be correctness tests, though I expect we'll want to add benchmarks at some point. For the correctness tests, I thought it would make sense to either (a) create a top-level SYCL folder with SingleSource and MultiSource folders under it, or (b) create SYCL folders in appropriate locations under the existing SingleSource and MultiSource folders (e.g. llvm-test-suite/SingleSource/UnitTests/SYCL). I would favor (b) but I wasn't sure if SYCL is enough of a departure from the normal C/C++ tests to push it into its own location.

I haven't added anything to test-suite before, so if I'm approaching this in completely the wrong way don't be shy about telling me so.


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