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> Hello? Anyone here with step-by-step instructions for getting a GCC-free
> (and possibly glibc-free) LLVM on Ubuntu?
> Greetings,
> Fabiano

Glibc free on a glibc host is difficult. I periodically try this but am yet
to be totally successful. You can look at Alpine Linux for a working
example where everything is built against musl.

The hazard I am blocked on is that clang uses third party code. Readline,
zlib, probably others I've forgotten. Setting the cmake flags to build
without them didn't work, so I think one has to build these libraries with
the musl targeting toolchain and then build clang against them.

Life is simpler if libcxx/cxxabi/unwind are all combined into a single
archive. The cmake options to do that used to be broken, maybe that works
in the new monorepo.

I'd be interested to hear if you succeed.
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