[llvm-dev] debug build busts memory

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I believe it is pretty clear that the stock ld linker is basically unusable for our project without a sizable amount of hardware.  I’ve typically found that using gold or lld fixes this problem entirely.

Perhaps we need to start having CMake detect the presence of lld and use that if possible, else check for ‘gold’ and use it if possible, and only THEN fall back on ld.

Additionally, it is pretty rare for someone to need to debug TableGen (at least in my experience), and if they DO need it, they would know enough to know how to change the cmake variable.  I think we should have a serious discussion about making LLVM_OPTIMIZED_TABLEGEN=true be default.

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Throw hardware at it.

While I agree that this is good advice with the current state of affairs, I don't think we should consider the current situation acceptable.

LLVM has a lot of knobs that Tim alluded to, but first time users shouldn't have to search for them to get a working debug build of LLVM out of the box. As a community, we need to raise the bar here, and spend some time making first time build setup easier. I seem to recall that there were discussions at the dev meeting about simplifying our CMake build, and I think this can be part of that effort.
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