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> Hello again LLVM-Mailinglist,
> This time I have no technical question however…
> Personally I’m a big fan of the LLVM, the concept behind it – as far as I
> understood it – and your work in general. I use the LLVM to develop various
> JIT applications that load the LLVM bytecode files under Windows – my many
> many questions are usually about this subject.
> Still after a year I feel like being a noob in that area. This is why I
> wonder if attempting the EuroLLVM2020 would help me with that. Of course, I
> never attempted such a convention so I have no idea if the talks will be
> way over my head,

The talks from the previous conferences are online, you could check the
ones from EuroLLVM 2019 to get an idea of the content:

> or if there are any activities to pick up beginner?

Something that is fairly common in the feedback on the Dev Meeting (as far
as I know) is that one of the main benefit attendees get out of the event
is to network with other people sharing similar interests.
The round-tables, tutorials, and the hallway/lunch/dinner discussions are
really great reasons to attend.


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