[llvm-dev] [GlobalISel] Is there a way to assign higher or lower priority to patterns?

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Wed May 22 09:21:37 PDT 2019

Hi all,

I have two GIComplexOperandMatchers, one that takes
[base(gpr)+offset(imm)], another that takes (global address inc
offset) directly. It's quite possible that I'm not doing things the
right way(tm) by having these, but they seem to be making the
transition easier.

However, because these patterns are look identical to the parser,
tablegen seems to give them both equal preference - yet in all
instances, the direct memory addressing variant ought be preferred
over the one that requires a pointer register. I'm 99% sure that
AddedComplexity is ignored by GlobalISel, and from quick look through
GlobalISelEmitter.cpp I cannot find any alternative. Preferably, such
an alternative would be applied to Operands, at that (maybe asking a
bit much).
Before I go about renaming things such that alphabetical ordering
gives me the results I want or hacking in a similar workaround, just
want to check... is there a method I've missed for preferencing one
pattern over another currently?
Thanks,Alex Davies
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