[llvm-dev] How to get CLang array alloca alignments to be smaller than 16 bytes?

Joan Lluch via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Sun May 5 09:09:15 PDT 2019

I am working on a custom LLVM backend for a 16 bit architecture.

For my architecture, I need smaller array alignments for arrays created on the stack.

For example, consider the following code at the start of a C function:

  char localBuff[20];
  char localBuff2[6];

this gets converted by Clang into this:

  %localBuff = alloca [20 x i8], align 16
  %localBuff2 = alloca [6 x i8], align 1

Note that char arrays smaller than 16 bytes are specified to be aligned to 1 byte, but bigger ones are aligned to 16 bytes.

On the LLVM backend, this creates bigger than necessary frame index offsets, which are undesirable for my architecture.

As a side note, my target machine is 16 bits, so I have already modified ‘TargetInfo.ccp' with 16 bit ints and pointers, which works like a charm

  PointerWidth = PointerAlign = 16;
  IntWidth = IntAlign = 16;

The Question is:

- How do I make CLang to emit code with smaller array alignment, say 2 or 4 byte aligned arrays?
- Otherwise, is there a way to override that alignment on the LLVM backend implementation, particularly to get it create frame index offsets aligned by a smaller size, thus ignoring the clang specified alignment?  

Joan Lluch

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