[llvm-dev] Linux Plumbers Toolchain Micro-Conference CFP

Jose E. Marchesi via llvm-dev llvm-dev at lists.llvm.org
Thu Jun 27 08:04:25 PDT 2019

Hi people!

This is a call for proposals for the Toolchain micro-conference at this
years' Linux Plumbers Conference (LPC) 2019 which will be held in
Lisbon, Portugal for September 9-11.

The Linux kernel is particularly demanding in terms of tooling, and the
main purpose of this micro-conference is to increase collaboration
between the kernel and toolchain developers.

To that effect, we encourage short presentations (one or two slides) to
briefly introduce the topic to be discussed, followed by actual
discussion between toolchain and kernel hackers.

Examples of topics we want to cover in the MC:

  * Header harmonization between kernel and glibc
  * Wrapping syscalls in glibc
  * eBPF support in toolchains
  * Potential impact/benefit/detriment of recently developed GCC
    optimizations on the kernel
  * Kernel hot-patching and GCC
  * Online debugging information: CTF and BTF
  * Development and parity between GCC and LLVM

If you work on some toolchain area and want to come and discuss it with
kernel developers, please send your proposal using the form in:


Please make sure to specify that the proposal is for the Toolchains

For any special inquiry, you can contact the organizer of the MC:

  jemarch at gnu.org

Proposals must be submitted until August 2nd, and submitters will be
notified of acceptance at latest by August 9.

Looking forward to see you in Lisbon!

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